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Tips for your social media apprenticeship interview

An employer looking to take on a Social Media Apprentice will be looking for someone who has a flair for creativity and lots of fresh ideas! There’s a lot you can prepare for your interview to make sure you make the best impression.

Below are some questions an employer may ask you in a social media apprenticeship interview:

What experience do you have using social media so far? Are you familiar with the platforms?
Here you can give examples of the social media channels that you currently use. As a social media apprentice, your employer wouldn’t expect you to have experience running social media campaigns. So before your interview, look at the company’s social media channels and identify which channels they use the most. Research the channels and talk about how you would use them to interact with a business and how effective you think they are. Your employer will be looking for someone who can look at their brand from a customer’s point of view, so don’t be afraid to comment on their content and how it makes you feel as a customer.

Why do you want to work in social media and marketing?
If you’re a creative, a social butterfly, a public speaker or like to think with lots of logic, these all will stand out to an employer who is looking for a social media apprentice. Be sure to mention your current skills-set and think back to when you first applied for the role and what made you want to apply for it.  You’ve got to be clever about what you respond with – be sure you can tell the employer why you would like to use social media and tell them about your ideas. A good answer for this could be that it’s a vast growing industry that gives you space to progress, be creative and develop your skills.

Our top tips for a social media apprenticeship interview:

Freshen up your social media channels
The first thing an employer is going to do when looking at their candidate’s CV is check out their social media channels. It’ll be the employers first impression of you so you could perhaps ditch your photographs of messy nights out or simply make your profile private while looking for a social media apprenticeship or in the interview process. You could also try getting a LinkedIn profile, as long as you’ve filled it out with the correct skills and experience. An employer might be quite impressed to see that you’re on the professional network while actively looking for a job.

Research the industry and its competitors
Getting to know a bit more about the industry and how it works is always a good idea before anyone goes to an interview. If you know what the area of business is, for example, retail, you can research other companies on the internet and explore how they use social media channels to market their products. Before your social media apprenticeship interview, it would be beneficial to read through some social media blogs. These blogs will provide you with information on the latest trends and strategies. You could also research social media definitions and fit these in your interview – no doubt that it will impress the employer!

We’ve picked our top social media definitions that you could use in your interview below:

  • Clickthrough Rate – the term clickthrough rate is most commonly used in all aspects of digital marketing. This term is used to represent how many times a visitor on your social media channels have clicked a link attached to a piece of content divided the impressions (how many people viewed your content)
  • Conversion Rate – a conversion rate is a metric used to track the percentage of an action. For example, how many people filled out a form or download on your website after clicking through on your social channels.
  • Engagement Rate – Engagement Rate is a term used to describe the amount of interaction on any given social posts. These interactions can be likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Impressions – Impressions refers to how many people have viewed a piece of content. Social Media Apprentices can use this to keep track of how far an ad online has reached a specific audience.

Show your creative side
Your employer might not expect you to have some big campaign ideas for their channels, but it will impress them if you have some ideas on how you can improve their content and suggest how they can utilise other social media channels. You might want to look at their competitor’s channels and log how they use it which might spark some creative ideas.

If you’re looking for a Social Media Apprenticeship, or you’re an employer who wants to take on a Social Media Apprentice, contact us today on 0191 587 4570 or email

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