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Apprenticeships: not just for boys!

A recent article published by The Independent focuses on how almost half of all students think apprenticeships are aimed solely at men and how only 11% of young people feel ‘fully informed’ about apprenticeships.

A lot of people have the perception that apprenticeships are for boys who want a job as a plumber, joiner, bricklayer, roofer and other vocations associated with tradesmen. This is backed up by an article written by Training Journal which talks about the misconception of apprenticeships and how apprentices are still seen as ‘one of the scruffy looking men in dirty boiler suits’. This statement can’t be far from the truth. While it was once seen as a male dominated position, women are now seizing the opportunity too.

Official Government figures indicate apprenticeships are equally popular among both gender groups, and we have employed a lot of women internally through Apprenticeship Programmes here at Profound Services, as well as placing female candidate with high-quality employers externally, to prove it.

Meet Lucy

Lucy joined the E-Communications and Technology Team at Profound Services in 2014 when she started a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Sales. After completing her first year, Lucy gained full time employment and became the groups Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator. Lucy went on to complete her Level 3 and is now flourishing in her role. 

Lucy’s day-to-day tasks vary and can include a range of activities including attending photoshoots, organising events, implementing the digital marketing strategy and managing multiple social media channels.

Commenting on the news regarding student's views on apprenticeships, Lucy said: “Apprenticeships are a highly credible pathways for young males and females who are looking to gain employment whilst developing skills and achieving qualifications.

“It would be a huge shame if today’s students were missing out on potential career opportunities because of old-fashioned opinions. I’d encourage all young people, male or female, who are looking to gain on-the-job experience and training in their chosen career to consider an apprenticeship.”  

Not only do apprenticeships have a misconception when it comes to gender, but they also have an image problem when it comes to the standard of qualification which can be achieved, and the types of industries and sectors you can gain an apprenticeship in.

Did you know you can now complete an apprenticeship in pretty much everything from law to web development, and that you can complete Level 6 and 7 apprenticeships that hold the same weight as a degree?

Look out for our next blog on Apprenticeships Vs University to find out more!


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