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19+ Learning Loans

The age eligibility for Advanced Learning Loans will change from 24 to 19 years old on 1st August 2016. The loan will be available to those aged 19 plus who wish to study a qualification from level 3 to level 6.

The eligible qualifications you can study include:

  • Certificates from Level 3 to Level 6
  • Diplomas from Level 3 to Level 6
  • A and AS Levels
  • Tech Levels

You can use the loan to pay for eligible level 3 to level 6 courses offered by Profound Services  

If you’re unsure which course is suitable for you, Profound Services (Northern Care Training) have a team of Career Advisors who’d be happy to guide you to make the right choice for your future.

Claire Robinson, Head of Funding and Compliance at Profound Services, commented: “with the expansion of learning loans from level 3 to level 6 and reduction in age eligibility, it provides significant opportunity for learners aged 19+ to access higher level programmes that will aid progression within their chosen career or enable a change in their career direction.

Here at Profound we encourage learners to think about their aspiration and consider the prospect of accessing  a loan to  enrol on to a high-quality learning  programme that will help  maximise their career and progression prospects in the future.”

Start investing in your future today!

You don’t have to pay anything back until you have finished your course and are earning over £21,000 a year.

Profound Services will support you with your application, where applicable, to ensure you have all the correct information. There are no credit checks, and eligibility does not depend on your household income.

Visit our 19+ Learning Loans page and use the calculator to see whether you’re eligible for a 19+ Learning Loan.

How do I apply for a loan?

Once you’ve decided which qualification you would like to complete, you’ll need to contact Profound Services and tell us that you’d like to apply for a 19+ Learning Loan. We’ll then let you know if the course you have selected is eligible for the loan.

If you’re unsure how much the course will cost, Profound Services will provide you with more information on fees. We will also provide you with an offer and all the relevant information needed to get started with your loan application.

When applying for the loan, you’ll be required to provide personal details such as your name, address, contact details, etc. and evidence to confirm your identity, such as a passport or birth/adoption certificate.   

How many loans can I take out?

You can take out one loan at a time. If your course includes separate qualifications, only one of these will be funded. You can’t take out another loan to do the same type of course at the same level. You can’t apply for another loan until after 12 months of applying for a 19+ Learning Loan.

Financial advice

If you’re sceptic about taking out a 19+ Learning Loan and want more information on fiance, there are free financial advice services available such as Money Advice Service. If you have any questions about repaying the loan, a member of the Profound Services Team will be happy to discuss this further with you.  

Why not start today and get the qualifications and skills you need to go further in your career!

Interested in a 19+ Learning Loan? Contact Profound Services today on 0191 587 4570 or email

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