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Why an apprenticeship is now the best option for school leavers

The world is changing faster than ever. Technology is accelerating and, as a result, is increasing productivity in the workplace. Jobs, that use to require a large group of people to complete, can now be done at the push of a button by one person. Unemployment rates, due to technological advancements, are increasing and people are finding it harder and harder to secure a job.

The career landscape has changed dramatically and old models of making a living aren’t as reliable as they use to be. What worked for previous generations isn’t working anymore.

University alumnae are continuously finding it difficult to secure a job relating to their degree after graduating. The average wage rate of graduates is decreasing year on year, whilst tuition fees and student loan debts are soaring. Going to college or university is an outdated model of making a living.

In the past you had the option to leave school when you were 16 and choose what you wanted to do. You now need to stay in some form of education or training until you reach 18. This is to give young people more options for their future. However, all is not lost. College and University are not the only options anymore!

Apprenticeships are a clever combination of further education and securing a job. They allow young people not only to gain the same level qualification as someone who goes to college or university, but will also provide them with invaluable work experience and knowledge as well as being paid at the same time!

Apprenticeships are a great way to progress in a career. Surveys show that employers recognise and value apprenticeships, so with hard work those who undergo an apprenticeship will rise through the ranks quickly.

Apprentices feel the rewards in their pockets too. According to National Careers Service, ‘People with an Advanced Level Apprenticeship earn on average over £100,000 more over the course of their career, than those without.’

North East based training organisation Profound Services work with employers and learners across the region to deliver apprenticeships. They cover a wide range of industries, from Business and Administration to Health and Social Care, Hospitality and Catering to Social Media and Digital Marketing, Property Sales and Letting to Warehousing and Construction.

Read more about the different types of apprenticeships and job vacancies available in the North East by visiting For more information and career advice, call Profound Services’ Learner Engagement Team on 0191 587 4570 or email

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