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Why it's time to upskill the hospitality industry

According to Government services and information website, the hospitality trade is one of the biggest employment sectors in the UK and needs 855,000 new staff by 2017 to replace those leaving the industry.

The hospitality industry, which includes bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food and take-away shops, is the 4th largest employer in the UK with a workforce of 3 million people and over 180,000 businesses. The sector is growing year on year and is due for rapid growth over the next decade.

By 2025 the value of tourism in England is set to double to over £216bn, providing 1 in every 10 jobs. This is fantastic news for the hospitality sector and those wishing to gain employment as it means there will be an increasing number of job vacancies at all level. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. It also means pressing times ahead for team leaders and managers in the industry as they face their busiest period yet. – The Global Portal for Hospitality Professionals – has highlighted concerns regarding the skills shortage and high staff turnover in the sector, which poses a threat to the sector’s growth. In a blog titled ‘How to Upskills Yourself in the Hospitality Industry’  industry expert Yukari Iguchi explains, ‘The term ‘revolving door describes the high staff turnover in the industry, which leads employers to rely on transitional workers to fill the gap. Although there are more career progression opportunities, if you do not develop yourself (or your staff’s) skills to the right level, it will have a negative impact to the business performance as well as individual career path.’

Businesses who are serious about hitting high objectives and targets ahead should be looking at how they can develop their current workforce. They need a plan in place to attract new talent and should be thinking about how they are going to upskill their current workforce to replace team leaders and managers who leave or retire.

Training entry level staff  

Hospitality apprenticeships are ideal for those starting out in the sector and provide learners with knowledge and industry specific skills which are needed to perform well within a hospitality services role.

Apprenticeships are a great starting point for bar staff, concierges, conferencing and banqueting assistance, hotel receptions, waiters and waitresses and other entry level roles.

There is a common misconception that apprenticeships are for new staff, however, existing employees can complete an apprenticeship at any time.

Hiring new staff into the sector

Hiring a hospitality apprentice is simple, and there are many benefits to the employer as well as the learner. Get in touch with a training provider that specialises in hospitality services apprenticeships such as NCT if you’ve got a vacancy you need to fill.

What about more experience staff?

Across the UK there are approximately 4.9 million managers and senior officials, including 1.75 million working within small and medium enterprises. To keep pace with demand, around 400,000 new managers and leaders are needed each year!

In the hospitality industry, senior members of staff tend to advance to management roles due to the number of years’ experience they have in the sector, and often have little or no management qualifications. They have learnt the skills needed for the job internally and have climbed the ranks without any formal training.

Team Leading and Management qualifications provide those who are currently working in the hospitality industry with a nationally recognised, professional qualification. They provide skilled professionals the chance to accelerate in their career and are a great way for companies to upskill the workforce to replace those who leave or retire.

Unlike other training and development courses, apprenticeships are delivered in the workplace, minimising disruption and maximising impact, and can be tailored to your organisation.

What’s even better, employers who upskill staff through an apprenticeship may be eligible for fully funded training, making apprenticeships an extremely cost-effective training option.

The consequences of not upskilling

It is inevitable that without renewed focus on developing managers in the hospitality sector, employee engagement, productivity and bottom-line results will suffer. Companies won’t progress and will continue to rely on unskilled transitional workers to fill the skills gap.

If you want to build a competent and skilled future workforce in your business, contact Profound Services today and ask for more information on Team Leading and Management qualification.

Get your boss on board

We know you’re ambitious and want to progress further in your company, but do you still need to convince your boss?

If so we are here to help.  Download the appropriate ‘Get The Boss On Board’ form below for your chosen course and pass to your manager for approval. 

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