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Afternoon Tea and Functional Skills

Having English and Maths qualifications is essential when applying for most apprenticeships, which is why our traineeship programme is designed to help you gain your functional skills, if you haven’t already achieved a grade C in GCSE Maths and English.

We want to give our learners the most enjoyable experience of learning, which is why we have a dedicated Functional Skills Tutor who’ll teach you in a style that benefits you most, and makes your experience in the classroom as enjoyable as possible.

Our Functional Skills Tutor Joanne prepared an Afternoon Tea Style Functional Skills session, where Profound trainees worked on their Maths skills in a practical and hands on way. As a bonus to developing English and Maths skills, trainees got to eat the leftover treats – yum!

Our Functional Skills Tutor, Joanne Errington, said: “All of the functional skills activities I deliver are related to life skills such as shopping, going on holiday, etc. This way, people can see the relevance and importance of English and Maths after linking them to real-life activities.

“These methods of learning demonstrate that maths isn’t dull and difficult. It can be lots of fun!”

Here’s what our trainees had to say about our Functional Skills Session:

Before starting your Traineeship Programme, how did you find Maths and English?

Callum – I found maths and English good but it’s hard to do

Lauren – I found maths and English both hard subjects to understand as in college they made both topics hard to understand

Reece – I found that I have learnt more then I knew before

Bob – I found math not too bad, English harder

Jordan – Before starting this traineeship I found maths and English very boring but since starting it here with the various activities we have done in maths I have found that it is not as bad as I once thought it was.

Lewis – I found maths ok but struggled with English


What were your thoughts when your Traineeship Coordinator told you the Traineeship Programme involved Maths and English?

Callum – I was fine with it as I had done a traineeship before and I was expecting it

Lauren – When I first got told I was going to do maths and English I wasn’t so keen on it as I knew I would struggle as I haven’t passed both subjects in school or college, however now I have got my head around the subject I was struggling with.

Reece – I was fine with it

Bob – Happy it could help me, improve my math and English

Jordan – When I first got told it involved maths and English my first thought was not a good one because I was not very good at it but now I don’t have a problem with it I just took each day as it comes.

Lewis – I thought it made no sense as I had passed maths and English at GCSE level


Tell us about your Maths and English experience with Profound Services so far:

Callum – The maths I have found quite good but the English has been really hard as I haven’t done it for 2 years

Lauren – My maths and English have both improved as I have learnt new topics and how to do them as before I didn’t understand certain topic, however now I do.

Reece – I feel a lot more confident with my maths and English because I am learning new skills I didn’t know before

Bob – More happy with my math and English

Jordan – My maths and English so far I feel has been really good I feel a lot more confident with my maths especially.

Lewis – I feel better at English

If you want to become more employable by completing your Functional Skills, enrol on our traineeship programme today.

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