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Getting ahead of your pre-results day anxieties!

As results day approaches us you may find that you are becoming stressed due to the anticipation of waiting for your grades. It might be something you’re excited for, but more than likely be dreading – which is completely natural. We’ve round up our top tips on how to brush off any anxieties you have to get through the big day.



Positive Mental Attitude. More and more people are practising it, and it gives a great result. Remember that there is always an option available for you, and with a strong attitude and desire to succeed you will be able to achieve no matter what the result is.

Sugar can be comforting

Ice cream, chocolate, cakes; all uber-tasty treats which in the moment allows you to forget about your post results day anxieties. But only for a little while. Sugar can make you feel even worse afterwards. Sugar increases your glucose levels, and after this has affected hormones in your body, you can feel even worse than you felt before.

Fuel your mind

Try eating a balanced diet to look after your body and mental health, which includes a good mix of vegetables, healthy fats, fruit and protein. A balanced diet will prevent you from feeling fatigued, and you should wake up on results day feeling energised and ready to take on the world.

Focus on yourself

Everyone else is experiencing the same thing as you, so try not to focus too much on what people think about your results. Your friends will more than likely be caught up on their own grades than to question what you got and where you’re going next.

You don’t have to tell people your results

Choosing to open your results in front of everyone or by yourself is completely up to you. If you feel better opening them at home, that is what you should do.

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