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How can employers make a successful apprentice?

A lot of employers would answer the question ‘What makes a successful apprentice?’ with ‘a good attitude’ and while this is completely true, there are still a lot more ingredients that need adding to the mix. It’s no secret that you should start your first job with a positive attitude and good work ethic, but it’s important that employers have a plan to support the apprentice through their work-based learning and training to build a foundation for a successful career.

At Profound Services, we will work with you throughout the programme to ensure your apprentice is equipped with the right support to be successful at the end of their qualification.

Our Business Development Managers will work with you to ensure that your leaders are knowledgeable and aware of the apprenticeship your apprentice is completing to recognise any opportunities and challenges in training.

Your leaders should have the right qualifications that allows them to manage people or a team effectively. If you have any needs for upskilling, we can offer you our Team Leading qualification which will help your managers set up for success when leading apprentices.

There are ongoing campaigns to end the “stigma” around apprenticeships. The stigma is that apprentices who work in the office are more commonly known to be “tea makers”, we want this to change and praise employers whose apprentice’s experience added value in their career that includes contracts, pay, job profile, policies and career path.

Ensuring that your apprentice’s roles and responsibilities are clear provides them with the initiative to research into how these skills can be used and consider the theory of their job role. It can also give them more confidence as having clear responsibilities allows them to think about their possible future career paths.

Our Training Advisors will work with you to ensure that your apprentice is receiving the same on-the-job training that relates to their qualification and vice versa. This will give your apprentice the correct balance and will allow them to apply their learning to their job role, improving their workplace performance.

When employing an apprentice, it’s good to consider their long-term career opportunities and how their apprenticeship job roles will impact their options. Having clear progression opportunities available for your apprentice will give them value in their apprenticeship and an added reason to set a high performance at work.

Here at Profound, we have support available to your apprentice if they require advice on balancing the demands of work, life and studying. It’s also good to provide this in the workplace and provide the apprentice with a source of pastoral care and mentoring which is vital apprentice when starting their first job and can benefit the whole workforce.

It may sound like there are a lot of factors that go into supporting an apprentice and making the best out of their programme, but with help from Profound, we can give you the right advice and guidance to ensure your apprentice is headed the right way.

We spoke with Sophie Carr who told us about the support she received from her employer. Sophie commented: “I’m privileged to say I was able to do my journey with Castledene and Profound, I had the best people around me to give me the support to get me promoted.”

Our Business Development Manager commented: “It’s our duty to ensure that employers are fully prepared to take on an apprentice and ensure they have a programme designed to create a solid foundation for their future career.”

Looking to take on an apprentice? Get in touch with one of our Business Development Managers on 0191 587 4570 or email to get started.

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