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Gaining skills for the future

A most frequently asked question by soon-to-be-apprentices is 'What will I gain from doing an apprenticeship?'

For every individual, the answer is different. It can depend on what skills you don't already have or personal qualities that you want to work on. However, there are three main benefits of doing an apprenticeship, which includes gaining:

  1. A qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Skills and knowledge

When choosing what career path you want to go down, your qualification options will become clearer which will then provide you with an idea of what type of experience you'll gain.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you'll gain basic work skills along with skills that you can take with you in any job, such as work ethic, communication skills, self-confidence, time management and much more.

You'll then gain skills that are specific to your job role. For example, if you're doing an IT Apprenticeship, you'll learn about a variety of technical information varying from systems development to technical fault diagnosis.

We speak with Kyle at IPS who tells us about how his apprenticeship will enable him to gain skills for his future career. Read about his experience here:

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?
I decided to do an apprenticeship to learn new skills on the job and meet new work colleagues. I thought it was a good way to get into the industry and get a new job where I would also be gaining a qualification.

What skills have you learnt during your apprenticeship?
I’ve developed my communication skills when working within a team and have also developed using my initiative to solve problems.

What advice would you give to someone looking to do an apprenticeship?
Always stay keen. Don’t judge your first couple of days on the whole job itself, it’s just the getting comfortable stage. Give it time and give yourself time to learn the way of the role and skills and hopefully you should enjoy the job in the long run.

If you want to follow Kyle's footsteps and start an apprenticeship, check out our latest vacancies here.

If you're an employer and you want to provide a young person with an apprenticeship opportunity, please contact our Business Development Team on 0191 587 4570 or email

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