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Exciting benefits you can gain as an apprentice

As an apprentice, you’ll gain real-world competence and experience through practicing different skills that can stay with you throughout the length of your career. Below we discuss some of the exciting benefits you’ll experience during and after your apprenticeship.

Improve your future employability
You’ll begin to build up a list of skills, experience and knowledge relatable to your job role and beyond. You can add these skills to your CV to increase your employability when searching for new jobs. You will gain transferable skills during your apprenticeship, for example, data analysis and communication skills – these are applicable to different areas of life including your profession, social life and in education. This means that you can use the skills in hundreds of different job roles making you more employable.

Chance to build valuable relationships within and beyond the business world
Throughout your role, you’ll get to meet lots of new people. Depending on the job that you’re doing, you might get to meet business people that could help your career and support your personal goals.

The employees you work with during your apprenticeship can also become valued friends that last a lifetime – some people even say they met their best of friends of their career during their apprenticeship.

Most senior staff can pass down higher-level and degree level knowledge
Learning doesn’t stop at your apprenticeship qualification. You’ll be working alongside professionals who can pass down knowledge that they’ve learnt throughout their career and during their degree or higher-level qualification!

If you want to become an apprentice, check out our latest vacancies and apply today

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