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5 ways to be an amazing apprentice

An apprenticeship lasts for 12 months (or more for higher levels), which gives you approximately 220 days to demonstrate some amazing work ethic that makes your employer want to keep you as a full-time member of staff after completing your apprenticeship.

It can be quite a shock for new apprentices when going from a learning environment like school or college to the workplace and it might take a while to get to grips with business etiquettes and ethics, making it a bit of a whirlwind.

So, we’ve written this blog to help you stay cool and learn the essential skills and qualities that employers look for in an amazing apprentice before you even start your role:

Communicate – don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you’re unable to reach a deadline or if you’re stuck on something and need support then don’t be afraid to communicate this with your employer. It’s better coming from you first than your employer having to approach you on the situation. By doing this, you will demonstrate that you’re eager to move forward, you’re curious and interested in your role, and that your employer can place trust in you.

Show your interest

Your mentor and colleagues will have spent a long time building up their knowledge on their job roles, so they’ll feel a buzz when they’re able to pass it down to someone who wants to learn about what they do. Listen closely when your mentor is sharing information with you and ask questions to demonstrate your curiosity and interest on the topic.

Offer to help

Offer to help when things are starting to get busy, or when your manager is looking for someone to delegate tasks to – this will demonstrate team working skills, and that you enjoy helping and working with others.

Chat to everyone

Meet everyone in your workplace without them coming up to you first. It can be as simple as asking them what their job role is or what team they work in. This will break the ice, and it will demonstrate to the employer that you are friendly and confident. You’ll also make some new friends along the way!

Work towards your career path

An apprenticeship is the beginning of your career path – this is your opportunity to craft your career and use it as a source for gathering all of the detailed information about the job that you want to move into. Ask your mentors and colleagues all the questions you want because after-all; you’re here to learn. This will look great in the eyes of your mentor as it demonstrates your eagerness to learn.

If you want to become an apprentice, check out our latest vacancies here.

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