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Eight stages of apprenticeships

As an apprentice, you’ll typically experience eight stages of an apprenticeship where you’ll experience different shifts in your development.

Although some apprentices might experience something slightly different, we’ve listed the common stages below:

School to workplace
After leaving school, you will experience the shift of moving from the learning environment to the workplace. There are slight changes when you move from classroom to the office; you’ll become more responsible for taking the initiative to work on tasks and develop your role.

You will begin to start focusing on what qualifications, skills and experiences you want to gain throughout the beginning of your apprenticeship to help you to shape your career.

A proportion of your apprenticeship goes towards gaining a qualification. You’ll work on this with your Apprenticeship Assessor by completing several assignments and examinations. Employers typically give their apprentices a full day to work on their assignments, however, a lot of apprentices chose to study at home.

In the workplace, you’ll begin to pick up different skills from your colleagues that are useful in your job role. These could include problem-solving skills, organisation skills, teamworking skills and much more.

Once you’ve picked up some knowledge from your qualification and gained the basic skills needed to do your job, you’ll gain motivation to start moving up in your role – you can ask your mentor for more responsibilities making a great impression!

You’ll start to increase your confidence which can help towards improving your performance. Confidence increases performance, and better performance increases confidence! 

At the beginning of your apprenticeship, you might not have known what you wanted to do for your career. But as you experience different tasks and pick up different skills, it can give you an idea of what type of jobs you enjoy doing which will give you an idea about the career you want to achieve.

After completing your apprenticeship, you’ll move into a full-time job or even go onto complete a higher qualification that can build your profession.

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