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Differences between school and the workplace

Are you thinking about becoming an apprentice? The thought of entering the workplace might be a bit daunting for you but don’t worry; this is completely natural! People who have been working for a long time still feel this when stepping into a new job.

We’ve written about the three most common differences between school and the workplace, so you know what to expect when entering the world of work:

Initiative vs orders
In the workplace, you will begin to use your initiative rather than being given a set of orders by your teacher. At the beginning of your apprenticeship, you’ll be mentored, however, once you learn how to complete your tasks you’ll begin to use your initiative to create a to-do-list and even create some tasks of your own. By doing this, you’ll gain a lot of freedom in your role compared to school as you can start to play with your favourite skills and work on something that interests you most.


Mix of ages
In school, you’ll be used to being in year groups, where everyone is typically the same age and on the same maturity scale who are all growing together. However, in the workplace, people are varying in lots of different ages and who have experienced a lot of different jobs and businesses. Experience is gained with time and with experience you can learn a lot about the workplace and the world of business. By connecting with your colleagues you can start to learn from them – all you need to do is ask questions to find out some cool information!


Textbook vs discovery
Learning in school is achieved by using textbooks, manuals, approved websites and being taught information by your teacher who learnt the same way in college and university. All of the information you learn is known, factual and is taught so you can achieve a grade. At the workplace, the discovery of information is in your own hands! It will become your job to creatively answer your curious mind’s questions without a set of rules. You can seek answers to your questions by asking the internet, your colleagues, or even find it along the way of gaining experience.


Now we’ve eased your mind on changing from school to the workplace; you can start applying for apprenticeships today – click here to view our latest vacancies.

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