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Profound puts Clare in Business

After completing our Personal Training and Fitness course, Clare Knight has become a self-employed Personal Trainer!

Previously, Clare worked as a qualified Beautician who had her own mobile business but soon discovered it wasn’t everything she was expecting, so went on to set up a Hair Extension business working from home.

Clare spent her spare time Bodybuilding, visiting gyms across the North East to strengthen her talent. While visiting gyms, leaflets advertising our Personal Training and Fitness course caught her eye, and she decided to research it.

Clare commented: “I spend most of my time at the gym and I already had the skills to be able to train people.

“A lot of friends would ask for training and diet plans, so the demand was already there I just needed to turn it into a business.

The only thing getting in my way was paying for a qualification, but what drew me in is that Profound’s qualification is funded through an Advanced Learning Loan, so I jumped at the opportunity.”

Since achieving the qualification and utilising her entrepreneurial skills from her previous business, Clare has set up a Personal Training and Fitness business called CK Fitness.

Within a short space of time, Clare has built a clientele of 10 people and has hosted group training sessions at Evolution Gym in Billingham to support people in becoming the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Clare commented: “A lot of women come into the gym suffering with low self-esteem and confidence issues.

“I love helping people, and this is what I’ve always been comfortable and confident in doing. I can share my knowledge and experience with people to help them make changes to their body and become confident in themselves.”

As part of the Personal Training plan, clients are provided with a 1-2-1 consultation with Clare to discuss their fitness goals and then devise a structured training and diet plan aligned to their goals and BMR.

Clare is running an April offer for those who might want to achieve their goals! The offer includes a single session for £20 (normally £25), or three sessions per week for £50 (£13.33 per session)

Our Personal Training and Fitness Coordinator Cassandra McGill commented: “It’s fantastic to see how successful the qualification is for those who achieve like Clare, along with playing the part in supporting our community to become healthy. Clare has already been receiving progress pictures from her clients which shows how effective the qualification is.”

If you want to take a leap and step into a career in Personal Training like Clare, get in touch with our Cassandra, our Personal Training & Fitness Coordinator, on 0191 587 4570 or email

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