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How to stay motivated during your Exam period

Are you wondering how to stay motivated during one of the most stressful times of your life? I can assure you, you are not the only one!

Between June and July every year, students face the daunting prospect of sitting down to take  exams that will play a crucial part in deciding their future career step. From GCSE exams in your last year at school to you're A-level exams, the main thing is to keep yourself calm and most importantly motivated.

The main thing that should keep you motivated during the exam period should be the results you get from all your hard work on results day. If you are striving to get the best results you possibly can that should be motivation in itself.

At the University of Illinois, a study shows that brief breaks from your work can help you retain more information whilst studying. It suggests you should work to 8-minute study blocks and then have a break from studying to be able to consume more information.

Our own Social Media Apprentice Kallum was asked how he stayed motivated during his exam period. He quickly told us ‘The main thing that helped me stay motivated was my parents pushing me to do the best I could and just taking one day at a time'.

We would love to hear what is keeping you motivated during your exam period!

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