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Last minute revision

15 and 16-year-olds across the UK will be experiencing six weeks of GCSE exams starting today - we've written these tips to help with your last minute revision!

Stick up revision notes around your home

If the notes are stuck up around your home in places like the bathroom mirror, above the kettle, in front of the toilet seat (sorry, TMI) or on your bedroom wall, you'll most likely read them, and digesting information is easier when presented in bite-sized chunks!

Drink plenty of water

Ok, we all know the importance of staying hydrated. It's super important when revising as a hydrated brain will find it easier to process new information. Keep a bottle filled with water beside you when revising.

Use different colours

Colours make things more memorable! Use felt pens to highlight the most important facts in your revision notes.

Take breaks

Research shows that studying for 40 minutes and taking 10-15-minute breaks is most effective when revising; so stick the kettle on, go outside for some fresh air and stretch your muscles.

Keep your phone locked away

For the 40 minutes you spend studying, make sure your phone is kept away from your revision area. It's so easy to get distracted in a world of notifications, Instagram posts and tweets!


Even if it doesn't seem physically possible at the time, force a smile! This is shown to decrease stress and increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine (happiness chemicals) in your body.

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