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Apprenticeships FAQ'S

No need to ask - we've answered the most common apprenticeship questions:

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a combination of gaining a qualification and gaining experience, skills and knowledge in a working environment!

Basically, it’s like you’re getting paid to learn. You are employed as a member of staff, and are enrolled as a learner on one of our qualifications.

During the apprenticeship, you’re provided with support and mentorship by your employer and Profound to help build your career!

How do I gain the qualification?

A training advisor who works at Profound will visit you once a month, and you will complete an assignment between visits.

You’ll also cover a mix of learning including online exams, guided discussions and observations

How much do I get paid?

The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.70. However, this can vary depending on the employer.

We do urge employers to pay over the minimum wage and some apprentices have received pay rises half way through their apprenticeship!

Where will I be working?

We work with employers across the country to create apprenticeship vacancies. The employer can vary from IT, creative and design companies, cafe, gyms, restaurants, retail, manufacturing and more!

The employer depends on the qualification, so if you want to work as an Estate Agent, you’ll work in the Property sector and gain a property qualification.

Another example is if you're going to build a career as a chef, you’d work in a cafe or restaurant and gain a kitchen services qualification.

What qualification will I gain?

The qualification you gain depends on the job role you do. For example, if your apprentice title is ‘Human Resources Assistant Apprentice’ you’ll work towards our Business and Administration qualification.

Or, if you’re an ‘IT Support Apprentice’ you’ll work towards our IT Software, Web and Telecoms qualification.

What happens after the apprenticeship?

The majority of employers open up a full-time position for apprentices who complete the qualification. This depends on if the apprentice has displayed a good work ethic during their role.

How will I learn how to do my job?

Your employer will teach you how to complete tasks. Eventually, your employer won't need to prompt you to complete tasks as you'll have the ability to create your own to-do-list. 

Your training advisor will also teach you the technical details of the job so you can apply them to your tasks.

If you're leaving school this year and you want to start an apprenticeship, apply on our website today!

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