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Life as a social media apprentice

What’s involved in a social media apprenticeship?

You get to create!

You’ll get to create content for the business you’re working for using their branding. This includes video, images, blogs, polls, and much more.

Picture Nike. Their branding is empowering and motivational. They use typically black images with their Nike logo and slogan ‘Just Do It.’ Could you think about different pieces of content to create on social media, using this imagery?

You can have fun talking to people online

Using the social media channels you’ll get to communicate with your audience when they engage with your content. Depending on the business you

work for, it might be with customers or business. Either way, there’ll be plenty of conversation.

It’s fast paced

NGL, marketing is a fast-paced working environment. But that’s what makes it fun! Not every day is the same, you’ll be working on different

posts, and depending on how your social media strategy is set up, you’ll be able to work on different projects each week.

Work with the trends

If you could tell me the top 3 trends amongst people your age, or even in pop culture; you’re already killing the game. You’ll get to work with

the marketing team to create campaigns based on the latest trends to attract new customers - all the fun!

You get results

There’s nothing better than at the end of a campaign to high-five your colleagues and see that your hardwork has created results.

Oh probably spend most of your time on social media anyway. So you may as well get paid for it.

If you’re leaving school this year and you want to start an apprenticeship, view our latest vacancies here!

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