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A busy diary for newly qualified Personal Trainer

Business means business! And Ian is full of it thanks to our Personal Training and Fitness course. His diary is almost full, and clients keep rolling in after setting up his own brand at Middlesbrough Fitness Hall.

Ian completed our course to pursue his passion for fitness. Since the age of 14, Ian had the fitness bug; buying his first weightlifting bench, building his body and gaining knowledge in fitness and health.

Ian had been helping his friends out at the gym, but without being a certified, qualified trainer, he couldn’t pursue his passion further. But when you’re passionate about something, there is an unstoppable force that exists, and nothing can pull you back. That's what Ian experienced. He wanted to achieve his goals, so he enrolled on our Personal Training and Fitness Instructing course.

After becoming certified and establishing his business in Middlesbrough, Ian receives waves of clients who are looking to build their body which is evidential after looking at his full diary.

Ian commented, “I can only see the business growing and growing - word of mouth spreads like wildfire!

“The course got me here, I had a foundation of physiology so have always had an interest in fitness and health. I just needed the qualifications to start training others.”

If you have the fitness bug and want to become a qualified Personal Trainer, get in contact with us today on 0191 587 4570 or apply on our website.

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