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Hot Topic for July 2017 A Bridge over Troubled Water: Grenfell single released

Current Hot Topic for July 2017

A Bridge over Troubled Water: Grenfell single released


A Bridge over Troubled Water: Grenfell single released

Background Story

A single to raise money for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire has hit the number one spot on iTunes two hours after it was released.

More than 50 stars including Stormzy, Craig David and Liam Payne, recorded Bridge Over Troubled Water to support victims' families and survivors.

The cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic was organised by Simon Cowell.

Residents and survivors of the fire-ravaged tower block also appear as part of a choir led by Gareth Malone.

"Seeing how emotional the residents became while singing was really moving."

"Some of them lived in Grenfell Tower, their homes have been destroyed. It's very raw for a lot of them."

The song was made available to download a week after the fire - and donations can be made directly on

At least 80 people are now missing, presumed dead, following the fire in west London. It has been said the death toll will rise even further.

There has been an outpouring of grief and anger from the affected community and beyond, for the support that was provided after the fire. Although the first response from the emergency services has been praised, the local council and the government have been widely criticised for their slow response to help those affected. What do you think of this? What should be put in place to support people in disaster situations such as this?

Grenfell Tower is situated in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in West London. Grenfell is in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods, but is situated less than 3 miles from Kensington Palace. This area has a class divide with low-income residents living alongside the rich. This tragedy has heightened tensions with residents frustrated about the inequalities among citizens. This has resulted in angry protests at the local town hall. What do you think about this class divide? What can be done to make our society fairer? Why is the gap between the rich and the poor so wide?

The cause of this tragedy is being investigated, concern is that the building’s insulation and cladding could be to blame for the spread of the fire at such an alarming rate. A nationwide review of safety standards in high rise buildings is underway. The organisation that carried out the renovations at Grenfell are being investigated to establish if they breached health and safety regulations. The advice residents of the building had been given, was to stay in their flats in the event of a fire, as fire doors had been fitted. What are the fire safety procedures in your workplace? Is there a designated fire marshal? Where is your fire evacuation point? What fire safety plan do you have for your home? As of the 30th June, there are 600 high rise blocks being tested to see if they meet safety standards, 120 have failed so far. How would this be represented as a percentage?

It is reported that residents of Grenfell Tower had formed an action group as they were so dissatisfied with the safety standards at the tower block. They blogged in 2016 that only a “catastrophic event” would expose the “ineptitude and incompetence” of their housing association landlord. Tragically the local council failed to take their concerns seriously. Police have announced a criminal inquiry is under way. What do you think will be the consequences if the housing association and council are found to be negligent? What do you think about the resident’s opinions being ignored?

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