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Current Hot Topic for June 2017

Manchester Holds Vigil


Manchester Holds Vigil

Background Story

Thousands of people gathered for a vigil in Manchester city centre for victims of the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena. Crowds spilled from Albert Square on to nearby roads, standing together in an act of solidarity.

Run, Hide, Tell - The UK’s terror threat level has been raised to ‘critical’ in the wake of the attack in Manchester, meaning that another incident could be imminent. Police and security agenices are working tirelessly to protect the public but it is also important that communities remain vigilant and aware of how to protect themselves if the need arises. The police service has released the short public information film called ‘Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack’ which sets out the key points (run, hide, tell) for keeping safe, should the worse happen. Watch the following film and discuss what this means to you:

The Wording is Wrong - Dalai Lama: “Buddhist terrorist. Muslim terrorist. That wording is wrong. Any person who wants to indulge in violence is no longer a genuine Buddhist or Muslim. Because it is a Muslim teaching that once you are involved in bloodshed you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam. All major world religious traditions carry the same message: the message of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, self-discipline – all religious traditions. So these are the common ground, and common practice. On that level we can build genuine harmony on the basis of mutual respect, mutual learning, and mutual admiration.” What do you think about this speech from the Dalai Lama?

Coping Strategies - Victims of the Manchester attack and members of the community have been offered counselling to cope with emotions of grief, shock, anger, fear and loss. With the current threat level, fear of terrorism is a natural reaction. One coping strategy is to take a media break. This could be taking a break from watching news on the TV, scrolling through social media or reading the newspaper. This overexposure can make us feel more vulnerable and anxious. This could have a serious impact on your mental health. What are some of the coping strategies you use? How does a tragedy such as this effect an individual and society as a whole? For information on coping with bereavement:

Living in a Democracy - Government approaches to terrorism and extremist behaviour have and will continue to come under serious debate. Are you aware of the current approaches to preventing such attacks? Research into the manifesto’s of the parties and the party elected come 8th June 2017 to identify their approaches. As part of a democratic society, you have the right to vote for the party which best represents your views. Do you agree with the governments approach? How effective do you feel they will be?

Profound Inspiration: "Do or Do Not. There is no try." - Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)